Wednesday, April 4, 2007

flesh or SPIRIT

Even though I am a Jesus follower, I sometimes am in the flesh. I love walking in the Spirit. Sometimes I am not fully abiding.
The flesh is still bad. Just because I am a Christian does not mean I have a half-way flesh. I know that for me, now, the flesh in its fullness would be something rotten and disgusting. These things I would definitely be: an unflinching murderer, a daily seducer and adulterer, a dedicated terrorist, a liar, full of prideful arrogant boastings about myself. I would seek power and try to control people. In the flesh I could not succeed in a marriage; "love" would escape me. I would have friends as filthy as me. Could I trust them? I would hate myself. My own son would kill me. The flesh side of me reminds me of the anti-christ.

Middle ground is similar to living life as a zombie. There is no direction to middle ground. Christians with weeds? Rocky ground? Burn it all. Let the land have a sabbath. God will do something with it. Deliver it to the evil it loves so that some day it may see its need for YHWH.

Live in the Spirit. I can only begin to describe the times when I live in the Spirit. It is precious to me. When I don't have it I want it. The reason it is good is because it is close relations with God. In the flesh we have plans for our life but in the Spirit God gives us the words to speak.

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