Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dad's Gift

Humans seek things that have to play out a certain way. "Happiness" is dependent on results and reception of their dreams and goals come true. We work for these things ourselves and they are our own; romance, careers, adventure, warfare, power, status, success, athletics, family. Sometimes, no, most times, we don't receive what earthly things we have sought after; they don't satisfy anyway.

Good parents give their kids good stuff. God makes any human parent look bad and inadequate. He gives the best gifts. His best gift is his Holy Spirit. We are told to ask for this gift. Whenever we ask for something from God, we can be bold and persistent as though God were someone to have a relationship with instead of a dead habit of traditional belief passed down to us by our moms. I want a continual filling to the point of unashamedly overflowing. God does stuff through us when we are overflowing. When we continually receive God's best gift for us, his Holy Spirit, we are completely satisfied with him. We live within his purposes a life of worship and knowledge of God. No matter what happens, we have joy. Give me that Jesus. Luke 11:13 says it better than I do. When I read the bible God reveals new stuff to me. Turn off the internet and read the bible.

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Anonymous said...

He, the Holy Spirit, is truly a good gift!