Wednesday, February 7, 2007


God speaks to me. I grew up in a questionable church. I have never had a leadership position in a church, or anywhere else for that matter. I was a third-class petty officer in the US Navy, but I was a dirtbag. I abused alcohol and got in trouble a few times. I should have been kicked out of the Navy; I decided never to drink again. I dropped out of college. I got dumped by my fiance 15 days before the wedding; I'm a secure bachelor now.
I have never done great things for God; but his Spirit did begin a mighty work in my life when I was 17 (a junior in high school). Also since then I have been involved with death-metal music, sexual sin, foolish talk, time wasting, idolatry (of myself, athletics, family, woman, adventure), posing, and living a lie with a mask on. God works with me in the midst of my imperfection. WHILE I am still a sinner he gently takes me back. His love is amazing. Jesus is my life. When I ABIDE in him (ABIDE = he IS my life = full spirit = on fire for God = walking in the Spirit... etc), he gives me easy outs for all temptations; he also speaks to me specific things and guides my life. He gives me life. There is no life outside him. The fate of the world depends on him. I am weak but he is strong. I am an infant at walking in the spirit. But my teacher is infinate.

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Joseph said...

This is a raw, honest declaration! Without Him we would all blow apart! Keep blogging, Ben...and scrap the myspace page (smiles). P.S. I put your blog in my friends links on my blog.