Monday, August 20, 2007

(Your name here)'s Life

Step 1
Take out a piece of paper. Title it at the top with your name, like this: "Ben's Life". Write down everything you are and what your life stands for. Include everything important such as God, church, ministry, family, friends, career, home, retirement plans, vacation time, etc. Is God using you and these things for His glory or are you using them for yours? His pleasure or yours? Are they his plans or yours? Are you following God or someone or something other than God? To live IS Christ (everywhere and always).

Step 2
After you have considered your life with respect to God's perspective; form the paper into a tight dense ball. Throw it into a trash can. Now consider AGAIN your life; only this time remembering Jesus IS your life. Venture further realizing each one of us is only part of God's plan. We should have no individual sheets; but if we do we are living wrongly. There should only be one sheet. The title of that sheet is JESUS! We are on His sheet. Anything else would be less than the best. A proud man struggles in vain for things he thinks he achieves. God does wonders though all who are his.

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Joseph said...

Rockin' post Ben. A wonderful practical discipline for realigning life back on Jesus! Hoep you have a good trip. I am praying.