Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Contemplative Faith?

Worship without evangelism is weak.

Believing without acting upon the belief is fake.

What good is knowledge unless it is put to use and/or taught to others.

Satisfaction in Christ without prophesying is hypocrisy.

Commitment to Christ without love shown to your fellow man is ignorance.

If we aren't doing the work of God, we aren't connected to him. Doing work for him without being connected to him is no better or worse; its the same.

Doing things your own way and thinking you know best instead of seeking answers and help from God and his people is stubbornness.

What is religion without the Holy Spirit inside us, making us who we are.

Loving God yet not having or trying hard to have Christian community that is like a close family, is divisive and paraplegic.

Community without dynamically seeking the growth of all believers and nonbelievers via all the things available to the body as a whole is lazy, habitual, uncaring and blind.

Faith without works is dead.


Mark H said...

This is a great post. Thank you!

I hope you don't mind: I dwelt on it a little more over on my own blog

Joseph Cartwright said...

Great Post, Ben. These are good reminders to look for the real fruit of a life lived in Jesus in our daily lives.

todd said...

Wow! Excellent stuff!

Nobanno said...

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