Thursday, March 8, 2007


I am delighting in YHWH and he is giving me the desires of His heart and they are my new desires.

Sometimes I find myself getting so excited about his work that I love his work more than I love him; the one the work is all about and the one who is doing the work. I need to constantly look to him and dwell in Jesus. That is my only need; not air, food, friends, shelter, clothing, romance or anything else.

God has given me desires. They are:

1. Abide in Jesus.

2. Spiritual unity in The Church of fully functioning members that abide in Jesus

3. Proclaiming the word of God to the world, including confronting Satan, by a spiritually united church that abides in Jesus

The last two result only with a 24/7 Kingdom presence that is a result of abiding in Jesus the Savior.

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Jesus make the work fruitful. Abide Bro! You are really taking off in Jesus and I, for one, am enjoying seeing you thrive!